Calathea Plants Care Guide

Calathea Plants Care Guide

Theres a moment in every plant parent journey that we found ourselves struggling trying to find the perfect plant, the plant that we know it will make that difference and will stand out, no matter where we decide to put it in our indoor jungle. 

Are you thinking about getting your first Calathea?

Well, if you are... you're head its in the right place! Calathea plants are popular houseplants that has been viral on social media thanks to their unique, beautiful and different mesmerizing patterns found on the foliage of each species. With over 60 species such as Rattlesnake, Medalion or Ornata, any Calathea plant will be a great addition to your indoor jungle.

They love indirect light!

You have to keep in mind that Calathea plants don’t need very much sun exposure, they need bright just not directly towards them, this is because they grow on the floor of the jungles and forest where they get limited light exposure, so dont be afraid of placing your Calathea in your bathroom or kitchen, those might be the perfect places for this plant.

Humidity its a most!

 As a native of the jungles and forest of Brazil where the humidity its very high, these plants thrive in a humid environment.  they can absorb moisture through the air via the wide, colorful and mesmerizing leaves that are common for the plant, depending where you live this could be a difficult situation or not, however you can always get an air humidifier and more accessories that would help you keep your Calathea happy!

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Watering tips!

Calathea’s leaves tend to curl inward and starts to appear dry when they need to be water! Its best to use distilled or purify water for this, these plants like to be moist, so make sure you given them the right amount of water, otherwise the soil will become soggy allowing water to sit on the bottom and drowning them.

Pruning tips!

Good news its that Calatheas don’t need much pruning! But of course if you see any brown or yellowing leaves go ahead and don’t be afraid to cut them! Simply grab a pair of scissors or pruning shears and cut them from the dying leave from the base.

Keep them about from any cold breeze!

Calatheas don’t like cold at all! They come from tropicals areas of the world where temperatures can reach up to 80 degrees, so remember to keep them away from any open window, doors or air conditioners and keep your Calathea on a steady temperature.


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Did you know that?

Calathea plants are also referred to as prayer plants because of the way their leaves fold up at night!



Calatheas are pet friendly!

Calathea’s are some of the most beautiful and diverse, pet-friendly houseplants you can find and the Calathea Rattlesnake its definitely a favorite one in our store! These plants are non-toxic to dogs or cats so you dont have to worry about your curious pets.... but of course dont let your pets eat them!!

Great air-purifiyng plant!

The calathea plant is a great indoor plant as it helps in purifying the air and provides fresh oxygen. It promotes a healthier environment by taking carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen for humans.


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